Our vision

Our vision is of a world in which no parent is isolated and all parents are supported to build a stronger society.

Our mission

Our mission is to support parents throughout the first 1,000 days to have the best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

We do this though three interconnected aims.

Sharing knowledge: informing parents’ decisions and increasing their confidence.

Creating networks: forging vital friendships.

Harnessing voices: changing public policy and attitudes for good.

Our Goals

To fulfil our full potential, we commit to five core goals:

  1. Strengthening our work in antenatal education and infant feeding.
  2. Increasing our reach into less affluent communities and to parents at greater risk of isolation.
  3. Expanding the support we provide to parents postnatally.
  4. Modernising our public image to ensure we are seen as relevant and trusted in all sections of society.
  5. Being the best we can be – building a brilliant organisation to support our incredible movement of volunteers and practitioners.