Bookending my NCT story

By Ann Carrington, Quality Manager

My first involvement with NCT was in 1987 when I booked to attend antenatal classes. And just as my first involvement was because of a baby my decision to leave is also because of a baby – this time my granddaughter – as I will looking after her three days a week when my daughter returns to work next year.

I’ve held many jobs and roles during my time with NCT. I volunteered as a postnatal supporter – and the woman I supported is one of my best friends some 30 years later. I’ve been treasurer to our local teachers’ group in pre-PSA days. I trained as an Antenatal teacher, became an Advanced Teacher (now known as an EP), an Assessor and then a tutor. I was a co-chair of Teachers’ Panel, an Assessor Co-ordinator for two stints and my last role has been as Quality Manager.

It’s been a tremendous experience and I have enjoyed being with parents, practitioners, students, senior practitioners, tutors and other staff members. There have been challenging moments – a couple of Assessor Update weekends spring to mind! But what really shines out for me about NCT is how good we are at collaborative working and the huge amount of support that is offered by peers and colleagues.

During my last few months, I have been involved with the One Antenatal project which feels like a fitting end to my NCT career. I’m the proud possessor of one of the Golden Guinea Pig awards – given to those of us who took part in the first cohort of the BA in Educational Studies. Over the years I’ve seen our training and courses change and adapt to meet the needs of parents. I particularly enjoyed my last few years of teaching when the parents were at the same stage of life as my daughter and son-in-law. Then watching my daughter and son-in-law as they embarked on their NCT journey was fascinating and gave me plenty to think about!

As well as many good friends, my time with NCT has given me so many valuable skills which I intend to continue to put to good use in the future. A local branch of a charity is looking for facilitators for a restorative justice programme…  As I wheel my granddaughter around Balham, I see other grandparents doing the same thing and I wonder about starting a grandparent and baby/toddler group…

The two photos form bookends to my life with NCT. The first is the family photo I included in the portfolio I submitted to Teachers’ Panel to qualify as an Antenatal teacher. The second is a photo of the first time I held my granddaughter.

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  1. You’ve been such a valuable asset to NCT Ann in all your many roles. We are really sad you are leaving us – clearly our loss is going to be a gain for many other people, particularly your granddaughter! All the warmest wishes as you move forwards Cathy x

  2. What a wonderful and touching story, Ann, and one to be rightly proud of. Wishing you all good luck and every happiness for your new adventure.

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