Creating our future antenatal course

by Antenatal Teacher Sue Woollett

Sue (in pink) in action with the One Antenatal co-production team

I qualified as an Antenatal Teacher in 2008 and thought I’d probably be teaching antenatal courses in the evenings in Nottingham perhaps for to five times a year. Little did I know that a change in my other work would lead to my facilitating NCT courses all over Great Britain, from Edinburgh to Exeter, Cambridge to Caerphilly, at weekends and on weekday evenings, a variety of formats, Signature and Essentials, and up to 30 courses a year. When I went to one of the ourNCTservices workshops, I wasn’t remotely surprised to hear how many different formats and price points there were for antenatal courses; I was personally responsible for several of them.

So when the opportunity came up to get involved with the One Antenatal project, I decided to go for it. It wasn’t without some trepidation. I’ve worked in several organisations which have seen major changes, as well as those seen in NCT, and I know it makes for a difficult time. Hand on heart, I sat in the first meeting thinking, OMG is this going to upset everyone? Is there a sub-plot to develop a 300-page manual that will be handed to students who have been through five one-day training sessions and will be sent away to deliver the exact same course to a script? I can’t be associated with anything like that, that’s not very NCT. 

As the project has moved along I’ve realised that’s not the plan at all. I have more confidence now that the project will pull together a course which will allow practitioners to maintain our autonomy whilst harmonising the content to ensure parents can be assured of receiving a great quality course, wherever they live and whoever facilitates it. If you’re asked to get involved or have the opportunity to give us some feedback or opinions, please do. We can’t do this without you.

Watch our video about One Antenatal featuring a handful of the co-production team.

Giving feedback

You can keep up to date with our progress and opportunities for involvement on babble. We’d love to hear your ideas of what to include in our future course framework – you can share them in this survey.

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