Learning about what is important to practitioners

Rachael Leonard, Research and Service Development Officer

I’m going to start with a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the One Antenatal survey over the summer. It has been such a privilege to read all your thoughts and ideas!
I’m Rachael Leonard and I joined NCT as Research and Service Development Officer earlier this year. I am also a branch coordinator and regional volunteer. It was my job to analyse all your feedback from the sink and sing survey, which has given me a real insight into what is important to you as practitioners, both for delivering courses but also for the parents you teach. I will admit that I have felt the responsibility laying heavily upon my shoulders to make sure that I use my research skills well to truly capture your thoughts and ideas and convey them in a useful way to the project team, because your feedback will shape what happens next in the project. And so it was vital to have a second set of eyes to review your comments and verify the key themes. Fiona Robertson was the woman for the job! She has used her extensive knowledge and experience as a breastfeeding counsellor, assessor and supervisor to make sure that the meaning of your comments was captured accurately. You can read her blog about the sing or sink survey here.
We quickly discovered that your thoughts echoed those of the project team with regards to flexibility, which was very reassuring. We can see how important it is that flexibility is retained in the new course, particularly with regards to facilitation style and being able to adapt your courses to the needs of the parents – this is part of the magic of the NCT course!
I was filled with joy to read your ‘Heart Sing’ thoughts and I got very excited for what’s to come. At this point Fiona had to reel me in just a little and remind me that delivering your dream course toolkit overnight might not be entirely realistic! However your ideas have given us really valuable insight that will be used to shape our proposals on what is needed to support the new course delivery.
I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas again in late October when we share our draft course framework with you.

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