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Helen Allmark, staff member and practitioner
Helen Allmark

It’s days like this, I love my roles in NCT. Today I have taken part in a Zoom call for our ourNCTeducation project. As a staff member, I am part of the project team, and as I am also a practitioner I am the link to the practitioner reference group. These two teams are working together to guide the project to identify a new education model, able to train high quality practitioners, in the right places (to meet current and potential demand), who are motivated to work with NCT, committed to their own CPD and are flexible to the changing needs of our organisation.

A big ask… but one that we are addressing head on, question by question. We have already recommended that there is more of a focus on practical experience working with parents during the training and that the training paths for facilitating groups and for working with parents could be different, whilst recognising the common elements too. Current questions being considered are ‘should the training be accredited or not?’ and  ‘what is the minimum time it could take to train a practitioner?’

The process is open and collaborative. We are spending time unpicking our assumptions (for example, would a non-accredited training package really be cheaper for students?) and looking for evidence to guide our decisions.

Both groups are made up of staff, practitioners and tutors with different backgrounds, experiences and views, leading to robust discussions. There’s lots of sharing, challenging and re-framing of conversations. Part of my role is to be the link between the two groups, so sharing where each group is up to, and looking at where similarities and differences are emerging.

It feels like lots of voices are being heard and it’s exciting to be part of this journey. Please keep up to date with the project at  https://babble.nct.org.uk/about-nct/our-work/research/ourncteducation and if you would like to offer your views please do so by emailing ourncteducation@nct.org.uk.

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