Working towards one antenatal course

by Practitioner and Tutor Caroline Pearce

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m part of the One Antenatal co-production team working to develop our new look antenatal course. My practice roles are Antenatal Practitioner (ANT), Baby Massage teacher (not as often as I would like) and Doula (when time permits, so not very often!). I also have Tutor roles at Level 4 and Level 5 specialising in the Antenatal pathway. 

Team dynamics

I think one of the reasons I was selected for the team is that I have multiple hats in NCT. I can easily see the perspective of current practitioners (particularly those who may have been in practice for some time, as I have) and current and future students. I’m also highly aware of all practitioners needing to be included in this project such as those who deliver our Essential courses. 

We had our first meeting back in June – the team has been thoughtfully put together with a range of us from different specialisms. Anyone who has ever attended a cross-specialism study day will know the huge value that that brings. One of the ‘ground rules’ that we established on our first day together is that everybody’s voice needs to be heard.

We’ve had two face-to-face meetings so far and several remote Zoom meetings (see collage of us waving above!). Once we got over the initial technical issues, these worked really well. The meetings are intense. There’s so much to get through but Sarah McMullen (Head of Knowledge) keeps us focused and there is a rigorous (if ambitious!) project deadline, which we are all working towards.

Learning outcomes

One of the things we are working on at the moment is learning outcomes (LO) – anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of a stickler with these so it was with some trepidation that I approached the first meeting on this. 

We are hoping to come up with some over-arching LO’s for the course and leave practitioners to create their own LO’ s for their own individual sessions. In the back of our minds we’re constantly thinking about how this can be a more consistent experience for parents and yet let practitioners retain their autonomy, which we absolutely accept is very important for some practitioners and is perhaps the reason that they were drawn to work with the NCT, rather than any other organisation. We also have to consider the implications this may have on new students we are recruiting and their training. 

Shiny new resources

We are also focusing on resources – I am so excited to get the new resource pack which will contain some beautiful laminated images of birth and early parenting.  In the face of ever increasing competition in this market it is so important for us to be seen to have a modern image.

New deadlines have been set through July and August, so while some of you may be kicking back and enjoying the summer the One Antenatal team will be beavering away trying to get this right for new recruits, existing practitioners and NCT as a whole. 

Your voice matters

We absolutely want your voice to be heard throughout this process so if there are any questions you have or any input which you think would be helpful for us, please do get in touch. If you haven’t already, please do complete our survey to tell us what you’d like the final course framework and toolkit to include!

Watch a short video above from the co-production team. 

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